2015 Flute Society of NSW Eisteddfod.

The 2015 Flute Society Eisteddfod was held on the 19th of July at MLC School, Burwood. The performers competed in front of a large audience, and with 40 of New South Wales' professional flautists as adjudicators, they received some valuable feedback. There were lots of fantastic playing over the 14 different categories - Here are this year's prize-winners:

Open Championship:

1st: Laura Chung

2nd: Yiting Wang

3rd: Naomi Ng 

Highly Commended:   Sophie Knox

Intermediate Championship:

1st: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson

2nd: Pranav Gilder

3rd: Shanky Yip

Highly Commended: Joshua Chan

Junior Championship:

1st: N/A

2nd: N/A

3rd: Emma Leong

Highly Commended: Hannah Sieveking, Martin Huang, Emelia Kloster

Mini Championship:

1st: Aaryn Wong

2nd: Elaine Yi Lin Xia

3rd: Amanda Tao

Highly Commended: Nadia Hui, Kaoruko Takehara, Emily Thornton

10 Years and Under

1st: Jacob Cuttle

2nd: Tarun Saravanan

3rd: Chelsea Sutton

Highly Commended: Grace Zhang


1st: Georgina Watkin-Higson

2nd: Dorothy See-Long Wu

3rd: Sophie Knox 

Highly Commended: Catherine Jung, Siobhan Fang

Modern Style

1st: Laura Chung

2nd: Georgina Gwatkin-Higson

3rd: Olivia Benstead

Romantic Style

1st: Laura Chung

2nd: Sophie Knox

3rd: Catherine Jung

Highly Commended: Hinano Fujisaki, Dorothy See-Long Wu

3/4 Grade - Study/Unaccompanied 

1st: Cate Armstrong / Ella Flanagan

2nd: Chelsea Sutton

3/4 Grade - Accompanied

1st: Chelsea Sutton

2nd: N/A

3rd: N/A

Highly Commended: Renee Balakrishnan, Ella Flanagan

5/6 Grade - Study/Unaccompanied

1st: Emily Thornton

2nd: Billie Rose Clow

3rd: Lalleh Memar

Highly Commended: Lara Fairfax, Emelia Kloster, Nadia Hui

5/6 - Grade Accompanied

1st: Elaine Yi Lin Xia 

2nd: Isabella Milkovitsch

3rd: Aisley Budhihardjo

Highly Commended: Lellah Memar

Grade 7 and above - Study/Unaccompanied

1st: Yiting Wang

2nd: Louie Chen

3rd: Hinano Fujisaki

Highly Commended: Rachael Williams-Tallon, Siobhan Fang

7/8 Grade Accompanied

1st: Yiting Wang

2nd: Nicole Samsa

3rd: Aaryn Wong

Highly Commended: Fiona Yim, Ashly Zhang

The Flute Society of NSW is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging flute playing in NSW and around Australia. 

The Society aims to support its members in their activities as teachers and performers through events for students, the sharing of knowledge, the promotion of independent events and a general strengthening of the community of flautists. 

See what we've been up to recently on our Meeting Minutes page.

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