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INTRODUCING: Flute Society of NSW Flute Grant

Calling on all NSW flute players with an idea for a concert or project that needs financial support.

The Flute Society of NSW is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging flute playing in NSW and around Australia.

The Society aims to support its members in their activities as teachers and performers through events for students, the sharing of knowledge, the promotion of independent events and a general strengthening of the community of flautists.

The Flute Society of NSW mission is to support a range of activities that deliver benefits to the flute community and to do this we have developed a Grants program that will be piloted in 2017.

If your idea fits with the Flute Society of NSW objectives listed below then jump online and share your idea for a project with us!

  • Enable flute players and teachers to take up an outstanding opportunity that has significance for the The Flute Society of NSW Community

  • Develop flute playing and cultural activities aimed at engaging young people

  • Extending flute players and teachers artistic practice

  • Developing and deepening audience engagement with flute playing, arts and culture.

The Flute Society of NSW - Flute Grant applications close on 12 September 2017 with supported activities taking place in 2018.

More information and apply here.

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